Open Your Heart!


Open your heart to God.

When you come to pray, do not hide in words of rote. Do not think that He will be impressed by mountains of words, whether they are your own or those of saints. He sees all and knows all. Do not hide in the false security of ‘duty’, nor imagine that He will be satisfied with boxes ticked off: ‘there, I have said my prayers, what more do You want from me?’ Do not hide behind a mask of piety, that mask you put on when you come to meet Him, then take off when you think you have left His presence. You forget that everywhere is His presence!

Open your heart without reservation. What is there in your heart that you think you can hide from Him? The deepest secrets you have kept from all others for so long were always visible before Him. Did you think He could not see? Even those things you have tried so hard to hide from yourself, things too awful to face, things that plunge you into despairing of your soul; there is nowhere to hide them where He cannot see them. Did you think He does not know? Did you think as Adam and Eve thought; that a few leaves or branches could hide their nakedness from the God who knows all things?

Open your heart to God and stand before Him as one naked. Does this discomfort you? Good! For that is a step towards a true relationship with Him. Know this: you are always naked before God. No worldly clothing, no royal vestments, no finery or decoration can hide the nakedness of your soul before God. Live no longer in that pleasant, false dream!

Open your heart before God. Not because He is unable to enter if you bar the way, but because He is unwilling to enter unless He is welcome. Know this, that when you throw open the door of your heart without reserve, He will not crash His way in. No, it is then that you discover what gentleness really means. His tread is light, His voice, sweet and low. His gaze touches your eyes like the tiny snow flake that sends shivers of excitement down the spine.

Open your heart to Him without fear. Trust in his love and abandon all trust in your own righteousness or talents. You have no worth except the worth of being His child. Cast aside all talk of ‘rights’ – you have none, for your sins have forfeited all your rights. There is only grace; abundant, overwhelming, undeserved, life saving grace.

Fr Ant

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