So, this is a blog?

I’ve never done this before, so I hope the gentle reader will be patient with me, and forgive me if half a post ends up in Khazakstan by accident.

Thankyou Shenouda for suggesting and setting up this wonderful opportunity to share our thoughts and contemplations together. I look forward to getting the gentle readers’ responses, whether in agreement or disagreement, or perhaps your own experiences or things you have read. I really enjoy discussion as a means to understanding this life we all inhabit under the loving care of God. I enjoy reading ideas I’ve never thought of before. I enjoying seeing God through another person’s eyes every now and then.

If you enjoy the same sort of journey of exploration and spiritual adventure, I think we will enjoy each other’s blog-company!

God bless.

Fr Ant

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2 Replies to “Hello.”

  1. Hey Abouna,
    I think it’s cool that you are going to start blogging on our website. Since you are new to this, you can check out Fr. Bishoy Andrawes’s blog to get an understanding of the blog world 🙂

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  2. Thanks Abouna for coming to the medium in which us young guys and gals feel most at home. lol (laughing out loud).

    I will make this a regular place to stop. Hope other people will know about this, because I believe many would want to know some contemplations from our fathers.

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